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Business Banking

Liquidity and Investments

Business Analysis

Business Analysis is designed for customers who have a high level of activity, more advanced banking needs and/or carry high balances. You can combine balances from multiple accounts and use your compensating balances to lower or offset all your service charges.

Business Market

Place excess balances into one of our Business Money Market Accounts to earn a competitive tiered rate, while enjoying some check-writing ability.

Business Interest

An interest-bearing checking account available to sole-proprietorships, and non-profit entities.

Sweep Accounts

Used for overdraft protection, or to improve funds management across all your business checking accounts. Customizable sweeps can be set up automatically based on cash flow needs.

Zero-Balance Accounts

Works in conjunction with Sweeps to help you manage your funds across multiple accounts. Maintain minimal balances in accounts that have less day-to-day activity, and put idle funds to work for your business.

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