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Nonprofit Banking

Banking Services for Nonprofit Organizations

First National Bank of Northern California has been serving the credit and depository needs of San Francisco and San Mateo communities since 1963.  In addition to commercial and consumer services, the Bank has been both a sponsor and banker to Nonprofit organizations.  We share the same methodology of Nonprofits by considering the needs of individuals, communities and the environment to ensure that all prosper together.   Our Nonprofit clients are valued by the Bank and we embrace their unique financial needs.   We are the Nonprofits’ banking partner, knowledgeable in cash management, lending and customized solutions.  By serving these community benefit organizations, we build on our community.  

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First National Bank of Northern California is committed to providing contemporary banking services delivered in a personal manner by skilled professionals who take an active interest in you and your Nonprofit organization. Over the past forty years we have developed a reputation for developing enduring relationships with all our customers.

Our lenders, branch managers, and personal bankers will work with you to customize a plan to help you manage your organization more effectively, and ultimately, allow you to achieve your financial goals. Our focus is on relationship banking. Your Branch Manager serves as your liaison to all areas of the bank. That way you can take advantage of the wide array of products and services simply and easily.

Nonprofit Banking