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Business Banking

Payments and Disbursements

Automated Clearing House Direct Payment

Direct Payment using our Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination service is the most cost-effective way to process any type of receivable that is currently handled manually by your business today. Consider the expense to invoice, mail, collect, and post a payment, every time you send a bill to your customers. Using electronic payments can also help improve your cash flow, because transactions automatically post on a pre-determined date, so no more waiting for payments to come in the mail. Plus, customers increasingly prefer this as a payment option, as opposed to paying by check.

The Automated Clearing House is a safe and secure nationwide network for electronic payments.

Please talk to your Relationship Manager to learn more about how you can use electronic payments to manage your cash flow.

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Cash Concentration

Originate ACH debit entries through Business Online Banking to consolidate funds from your bank accounts at other financial institutions to be credited to your primary First National Bank account.

Payroll Services

Many of our business customers select payroll services through ADP.  ADP is a leader in small to medium size business payroll and payroll tax preparation, and can provide a payroll processing solution to meet the needs of your company.  You benefit from payroll services that are accurate, completely confidential, and cost-effective.  This service can include direct deposit of employees’ pay, tax payments, and EFTPS compliance.  It’s all accomplished professionally and accurately. Plus, with online communication through ADP’s web site you can get added convenience.

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Business Debit MasterCard®

  • More convenience 
  • Dramatically reduce the need to use cash and/or checks
  • Issue cards for key employees and set individual daily limits to make it easy to manage and track expenses
  • Streamline record keeping by tracking expenses online or from your monthly business checking statement, instead of verifying and paying individual employee expense vouchers and replenishing petty cash accounts

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MasterCard SecureCode is a simple and secure way to pay at thousands of online stores. A private code known only to you and your bank, your SecureCode enhances your existing MasterCard account by protecting you against unauthorized use of your card when shopping online at participating online retailers. The best way to pay on the internet.

Positive Pay

At First National Bank of Northern California, we understand how important it is for your business to maintain control over your disbursements.

Our Positive Pay application works in conjunction with Business Online Banking. You can supplement your check fraud detection efforts to ensure that only those checks you've written are paid. Simply logon to Business Online Banking and send us your issue file as often as you write checks, and our automated systems will match your file with checks clearing against your account for payment. We will notify you of any exception items in a timely manner, so you can make your pay/no pay decisions.

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